Your Child’s Safety in the Sun

Babies stand the greatest risk of getting sun burnt, developing skin irritations or getting heat strokes. The UV rays do more damage than good to your child’s delicate and sensitive skin. If your child plays in the sun for long hours, chances are that your child will get heat rash, itches, sun burns or other skin irritations. Exposure to sun for a long duration can even lead to skin cancer. And so, it’s vital that you shield your child from sun and use proper natural skincare products as safeguard.

From the time of birth to their growing years, a child’s skin is very thin and tends to get burnt, bruised or irritated at the slightest exposure to heat or cold. From sunburn, your child can have fever, dehydration and pain. Severe sunburn during childhood can later escalate to melanoma or skin cancer and wrinkles. Before 6 months, exposing your child in the sun is a strict no-no. In beach areas, parks or places where sun rays are harshest, protect your child with natural baby products like sunscreen lotions, creams and baby body lotions. Choose one with SPF of at least 15 or more. Apply sunscreen on your baby’s tips of ears, hands, feet, neck, back, besides face. Also, carry umbrellas and wide hats and cover your child with them. Choose shade instead of a sunny spot.

When you are going out with your baby or if they choose to play outside, keep them away from the cruel rays of the midday sun, i.e. between 10a.m. to 4p.m. Cloudy days are no exception either. UV rays can pass through clouds and smog and damage your child’s skin in the same way. Not only summertime, winter sun and oblique sun rays can damage your child’s skin in the same way.

Taking babies out for a morning or afternoon stroll in prams is common. However, pull the sunshade over your baby’s stroller or carriage if you are taking them outside. There are many strollers with special UV-protected shade which perfectly safeguards and protects your baby from UV rays and skin damage. Don’t assume that just by keeping your baby in the shade will solve all problems; using protective creams and lotions are equally necessary. Keep your baby cool by dressing them in lightweight cotton clothes in light colors. This will allow for your child to breathe. Natural fabrics keep off heat while synthetic fibers do reverse action. Also, dark colors absorb more heat than light ones. Use UV-protected baby sunglasses for your little one when you venture outside.

Pediatricians of recent times never prescribes nothing other than absolutely pure natural baby lotion to provide a protection shield around the tender skins against intolerable sun rays during the afternoons and to ensure 100% baby skin care.

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