Stationery With Toys Design And Function Is Good Or Bad For Kids

By accident, you find that there are too many kids toys such as car toy design writing case, shoes shape note book, drawer shape pen and penknife with music function, do you worry about such lots of toys would affect the learning in school?

Ms Tracy said that a few days ago, she brought her seven years old son to the market to buy stationery and her son was attracted by one ruler with maze game and one pen with cartoon pictures. Obviously, such stationeries can be used as the kids toys for play. As a result, Ms Tracy thought that there stationeries would have bad influence in kids learning and she refused to buy for him. However, her son cries for a long time and asked for such stationeries. She had to compromised. A few days ago, the teacher told her that her son recently always played with the stationeries bought for him and didn’t pay any attention on learning. Under such circumstance, she tried to keep these stationeries at home and didn’t allow him to bring to school. Because of little age and weak self-control, children are more likely to be fascinated by these stationeries, as parents, do you know how to solve such serious situation?

When shopping in the stationery stores, parents would always find that there are too many stationeries with the toys design and even the toys function. What’s more, there are several types, which can meet different students’ different needs. For example, the pen with draw lots games, the pen with movable cartoon figures, and even the pen with toy fun design and chopstick. I am sure just from the appearance, you can’t distinguish that they are pens. One stationery store worker told that the price of such toy design pen is about two or three U.S. dollar, which is more expensive than ordinary pens. However, the sell condition is very well and lots of students are more likely to buy such types of pens.

According to survey, with the growing tendency of stationeries with toys function in recent years, more and more stationeries manufacturers pay more attention on researching and developing the toys function on stationeries so as to meet the students’ needs. With such toys function, additional value, along with sales volume, is increased. Without doubt, stationeries with toys function can bring lots of pleasure to children, however, some teachers pointed that it is so easy to disperse students’ attention when learning and good stationeries should be simple and practical.

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