Parent Good Behavior: How To Build Your Child’s Self-esteem 5 Secret Tips

Most people think that they can influence their child’s confidence by giving them lots of praise, but the real truth is what truly enables a child to utilize opportunities and feel confident is the ability to think in ways that see opportunities so that your child can seize the opportunities. This has been called possibility thinking. It trains the brain to look for possibilities vs. limitations.

Raising children with a high degree of self-esteem helps insure that your children can utilize these advantages or possibilities. Most importantly though, is how you train your child’s mind to think and speak. This will be the largest contributor to your child’s success. As a child, there is an unconscious learning process that takes place by observing parents, called modeling. It is when your child watches what you do and models the behavior you exhibit.

How you model your personal behavior in situations both stressful and non-stressful is how children learn to deal with the world on a daily basis. In a stressful situation if you personally are a quitter, I do not care how smart your child is or how good their grades are, they will also learn a pattern of quitting by observing you model quitting in daily life.

If you unconsciously seek validation from others, your child will learn, by you modeling it to them, that validation from outside yourself is a must have and then go seek it from their peers. If you model self-command to them, then they too will learn self-command.

If you model fear during a crisis, your children unconsciously learn how to have the same toxic thinking pattern you do. Children learn limited negative or possibility thinking from you and your daily actions because it is the only example that is being modeled to them in that moment.

Parents play a big role in the development of their child’s ability to think and act in daily life. Whether they learn limited negative or power thinking habits depends on what you allow daily in your house and what you model for them.

As a parent you are the class room of life. Children learn your thinking style and habits. As a parent, it matters what behavior you model to them every day. In the real world you must model true, authentic self-esteem, not a false sense of self-esteem, if you want them to learn and have it.

Here are 5 steps to modeling successful behaviors to your children

Parents, model desired behavior

You can not expect your child to do what you are unwilling to do. If you do not want them to develop certain habits, you must make sure that you do not model those habits and behaviors for them.

Parents, examine your thinking and speaking habits.

There are six deadly accepted limited thinking and speaking habits that can sabotage your success and your child’s success forever if it continues going unnoticed. You must learn what they are and avoid using any one of them. This will help ensure your child’s future success habits.

Parents, stop the continued daily usage of limited thinking.

Even in the smallest amounts limited negative thinking destroys your child’s aspirations and yours before they even begin. Not understanding what limited thinking really is can allow you to use it all the time without you knowing it. Learn what limited thinking and speaking habits you use.

Parents, learn and model self command.

Self-command is the ability to take action in a direction and maintain a powerful level of excitement, focus and drive to complete the task. Learn to drive your own personal power then model it for your children and your children will naturally develop this powerful tool to help them succeed in their daily activities. This will give your child the edge in life. It teaches your child strong leadership skills

Parents, understand the plays in your play book.

Every family has a play book that they use to play the game of life. When you understand what plays you and your child have in the family play book, you can find the plays that have been used to sabotage results and replace them with plays that produce desired results.

Modeling desired behavior for your children helps them develop into strong adults with strong self-command and self-esteem. Your child will watch you. What you do, your children will do. Teach them how to have the life of their dreams, by you having and modeling the life of your dreams.

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