How to Teach Values to Your Kids

Indian society is covered with values. Values in Indians are reflected through their lifestyle. For them the most important thing of all is values. In fact, many people in India judge others with their values. It is not something hereditary, but we learn it seeing our parents and elders. Sometimes, teaching values to the kids also become required. Therefore, here are some tips to teach values to your kids:

1. Since every kid loves to hear stories of their parents’ childhood. So, try to tell them stories that are related to values. Stories of life are effective for your kids especially at bed time. It also helps you to make them fall asleep with the stories twirling inside and around them.

2. Kids are good in imitating others, especially their elders. They learn what they see at home. They are very expert at observing the match between what you do and what you say. They also easily find it out if they find any kind of dissimilarity in it. Therefore, do not give them any sort of signals that may confuse them and try to follow all your values every moment.

3. It is quite necessary to make your kids know that they are not alone. Guide your kids towards the spiritual beliefs so as to strengthen their values and give the parents a framework for their life.

4. Apart from family, kids also spend their time with their teachers, friends and coaches, and from every person they more or less learn something. So, you should also keep in contact with everybody they talk to in their daily life, so as to know the values and beliefs of those people.

5. In light family conversations, try to use dialogues that involve values in it. Try not to use the parental tone often as it creates a sense of disinterest in the children.

6. While watching Television, guide your children what to watch and what not to watch. Also try to fix a specific time when kids can watch Television and accompany them while watching it.

7. Practical exercises have always been effective for children. Let them experience it by helping others. Make them donate a portion of their saved money to the needy people, also try them to get involved with any charity work.

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Dual-Income Calgary Couples Turn to Live in Nannies to Cope with Career Pressure

Although Calgary, Alberta is a city surrounded by seemingly endless prairies and majestic mountains, Calgary itself is home to over a million people, many of whom are in high tech and in the high-stakes careers of gas and oil. Far from being a sleepy Canadian provincial town, Calgary is home to a lively cultural scene, was once the home of the Winter Olympics, and has a thriving university life, as well as its corporate corridors filled with power-suited deal makers.

All this work being accomplished by Calgary professionals does have a down-side, though. Busy two-income couples with young children can find themselves with too much work at the end of the day to take care of their children and marriages in the most important way of all: by spending precious time together. When parents arrive at home, it is often late from spending long hours at the office and fighting rush hour traffic, sometimes in heavy Calgary snow. A late arrival leads to dinners being hastily thrown together, made of processed and unwholesome pre-packaged dinners or even fast food. This leads the parents and children alike to consume excessive amounts of fat, sodium and sugar: all the things that strain the health of the body and sap the spirit of vital energy.

Likewise, not only does the diet of the family suffer when parents are overworked and overtired, so does the condition of the most valuable asset most families have: the house. Weekends are often the only time, particularly in the summer months when the weather and light allow, that parents can do necessary maintenance on the home. If a parent is torn between doing work on the house or spending just a few more hours with their seldom-seen children, it is very easy to let home repairs slide and end up causing more damage and incurring more expense in the long run.

A live in nanny in Calgary can help busy two-career couples solve many problems associated with this high-pressure lifestyle, though. A live in nanny in Calgary can not only cook for the family and keep the home clean and wholesome, but also can drive the children to where they need to be in a timely manner. As she is a live in nanny in Calgary, rather than a childminder who may have her own children and home to take care of, she is always available and the children are never left unattended. In addition, if a Calgary couple hires a live in nanny from overseas, the children may benefit from being exposed to the native language of their nanny, which can be helpful for cultural and educational reasons.

Furthermore, a live in nanny in Calgary also has the time and the means to take children to the wonderful attractions of Calgary, such as the museums, Chinatown, plays, sporting events, concerts, and so on. Busy parents also need time to themselves to simply enjoy and appreciate their spouse, so a live in nanny is a great person to have around when a couple is in dire need of a “date night.”

Hiring a live in nanny in Calgary, Alberta, is nowadays even easier than it ever was before, thanks to the establishment of many reputable internet-based nanny agencies. These agencies simply match Calgary parents with foreign women who want to become a live in nanny in Calgary. Many agencies do not even charge fees to the parents seeking the contact information of these prospective live in nannies, nor do they charge the nannies themselves. Other agencies will charge varying amounts of fees to assist parents with legal government permits for hiring foreign live in nannies, paying the appropriate amount of tax, or doing employment and educational background checks and verifications.

Coping With Teen Bullying

In the past, bullying was perceived as a fact of life and that kids should learn to just deal with it. Nowadays, a new problem arises as teens and even young children are resorting to violence against others to release their stress and tensions brought on by the bullying they endure. In some of these cases, the children have resorted to suicide because they don’t feel there’s any other way to deal with what they’re feeling.

Here’s how you can help:

Watch your child’s behaviors for any changes- The best thing we can do as parents, is to encourage them to talk to us and tell us when these things are happening, but most children aren’t going to open up and tell you what’s going on. You will have to be perceptive to their behaviors and recognize when something’s amiss.

Some children being bullied will invent ways to get out of school or certain school activities. Other teens may have trouble sleeping and concentrating when they’re being bullied at school. Most of these children tend to become depressed, irritable, and in some cases, physically ill. The best thing you can do for them is to keep in tune with their behaviors as much as possible.

Talk to your child about Bullying-Your child’s best defense against a bully is to know what to do before bullying incidents start to occur. Make sure they know that it’s not their fault that the bullying is taking place. You want them to keep their self esteem intact as much as possible. Teach your child to avoid the bullies whenever they can, without altering too much of their lives to do it.

Let them know that responding to a bully with violence will only make it worse. The ones that resort to bullying activities thrive on the recipient’s reaction; especially when it’s fear. It’s best to walk away when a bully approaches you. If nothing else works for them, they can stand their ground and talk forcefully to the bully; letting them know that they aren’t afraid and won’t be pushed around.

Work with school officials- If you know or even suspect that your child is being bullied, contact the school officials and see what can be done about it. Schools have a responsibility to keep your child safe, so make sure they are aware of the situation.

Keep in contact with them and see how things are coming along. Find out if the school is investigating and see if they have done anything to rectify the situation, if one is occurring. If you feel the school isn’t doing enough to fix the situation, then don’t be afraid to go to the school board to get answers and solutions.

The more we inform our children about bullies and not to become one themselves; the better off we will be for protecting all children from these situations. With the rise in school shootings, schools are now implementing plans to provide children with a safer place to get educated. Work with them as a team and hopefully, soon, this problem will be a thing of the past.