Knowing When To Let Go Of Your Teen And Let Them Become An Adult

Between twelve and twenty those kiddos seem to grow up fast. Before you know it they are in college and they are driving and you are fretting every moment!

In many cases with only children seems moms and dads hate like heck letting go of their son or daughter. But hey they have to start their own life’s journey. Knowing when to let go is even harder. For instance you have a twenty year old still living at home and he or she still is acts as they did when they were sixteen or seventeen. You may look at yourself and say no, but they need to start down that road, you know the road you been there the one with detours and pit holes, the road that you made your mistakes on.

By allowing yourself to tell them before they do something stupid that it is not good idea, you yourself should feel more at ease, you told them the down fall of their dumb thing. If they do it and fail?hey it’s a learning experience. In the end they will be thankful. Kids now a day have everything from cars to computers. They take it all in and spend money like it grows on a tree. Allow them to realize there is NO money tree. There never was one and never will be.

If the kids live at home set down some simple rules. Take care to not infringe on their privacy. If they say they will be home at midnight, don’t hesitate to call them. Tell them you are going to do this. If they say they will be home at a certain time and they went past that time without calling you then call them. Set your mind at ease, just don’t get mad. In this day and age everyone has a cell phone and kids are easier to get hold of.

So moms and dads take it all in stride and let the kids go down that long road of detours and pit holes. We at our ages we still are going down the same road and there still are those detours.

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