Driving Safely With Children On-board

With all the modern hustle and bustle it is easy for parents with small children to get mixed up in their daily schedules. Travel can be one of the most hectic events to plan for. Even if it is a short trip to the supermarket or grocery store, the safety of the child in the car is and should be the central focus of the parent, guardian or caregiver. Most parents will be pleased to learn that there are now safe, convenient and most importantly comfortable car accessories for kids that will ease the stress associated with travel when with babies and toddlers. Whether driving a truck, sports utility vehicle (SUV) or sedan car the following accessories are proven to guarantee the safety of the child while employing innovative features for enhanced functionality and comfort.

The most common of all travel accessories is the child’s car seat. From the Sunshine Kids Accessories comes the Non Slip Car Grabber enhanced with the grip it pads. The surfaces of this child car seat are made from non slippery material that will aid cushion the baby or toddler from slipping and sliding out of position while on the seat. Since it is cushioned it maximizes on total protection meaning that parents will not have to worry about their child suffering from grazes and scrapes. Moreover, it is mindful of leather interiors and can be removed and washed conveniently without much trouble. The price is ten dollars.

A second accessory that parents can incorporate into their vehicles is the window shades. It has been proven that even the mildest sun rays can adversely affect the comfort of a baby. Window shades by manufacturers such as Kel-gar will give on the spot shielding against the sun’s heat and glare. It is secured in place with the help of suction cups and can be folded for east storage. It is also courteous to the driver in that even as it stops harmful ultra violet rays from reaching the baby it is designed to be transparent so that the driver can still see through the rear window. The product retails for six dollars and fifty cents.

Most parents and caregivers understand when it comes to the mess that can take place inside the car due to misplaced lids or jars of baby food popping open and spilling their contents all over the sits resulting in terrific clutter and stubborn stains that just refuse to be cleaned. Now introducing the Jar Pac ? a baby food jar carrier designed by Cheeky Monkey, whose innovative design reciprocates to alterations in order for it to suit whatever size of food jar. And it can just as well fit into a diaper bag, stroller slot or can be carried as it also incorporates a handle. The product retails at twelve dollars and ninety five cents. Finally, another great product that will keep the child relaxed as the parent concentrates on focusing their eyes on the road is the Baby Mirror. This can be fastened to a rear seat or adjusted to the headrest of the front passenger seat.

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