Convertible Cribs – Cradling Your Sweet Baby Through The Tender Years

Over the last several years, convertible cribs have become a popular choice among expectant parents. Because convertible cribs are easily converted from a crib to a toddler bed, twin bed, full-size bed, or day bed, families are increasingly making this choice for their sweet little bundles of joy. Besides the cost saving benefits of a convertible crib, there is comfort for every new parent when they know that their child is sleeping comfortably and peacefully.

As the name suggests, convertible cribs allow you to alter your baby’s crib after he or she has outgrown it. Most parents find this time easily identifiable as their child has made an attempt to climb out of their crib. Manufacturers also suggest that your crib should be converted once your child reaches 35?. The time to make the switch is certainly dependent on each individual child but can be as early as 15 months and as late as 2 ?.

From Convertible Crib to Toddler Bed ~ Easing the Transition for Everyone

It is common for most of us to sleep best when in a familiar environment. It is no different for a young child. Often, convertible cribs change to toddler beds using the safety bed rails. Many come with conversion kits that make this easy for the consumer. The crib mattress can also be used with the toddler bed, which saves money for the family. It is important to read carefully any information that comes with a convertible crib that is being considered for purchasing to ensure that the proper materials and tools are included.

Convertible Cribs can also be turned into full-size beds. Full-size mattresses and frames are all that is needed to make this transition. Typically, these do have to be purchased separately. Choosing a convertible crib that can become a full-size bed is advantageous because of the longevity that it provides. Some of these types of cribs are versatile and can be switched from a crib to a toddler bed or day bed, and then to a headboard and footboard for a full-size bed.

Safety Standards to Look for In Convertible Cribs

Safety is at the top of a new parent’s list of priorities. Choosing a crib that meets these standards is paramount. JPMA is a certification program that guides parents and caregivers in making wise choices in regard to safety of juvenile products. Convertible cribs that meet these standards will have this listed in their descriptions or features. Hardwood frames and recessed hardware are two components that are important factors to your baby’s safety. The most popular convertible baby cribs meet and most often exceed safety standards. Again, reading product information and customer reviews are excellent resources for parents in determining if a convertible crib is best for their baby and also for them.

Expression of Individual Tastes and Styles

The makers of convertible cribs have kept in mind that all new parents have their own tastes and styles. Convertible Cribs come in an assortment of finishes such as white, natural, cherry, caramel, amber, and more. Some are even available in pick or blue. There are also many different types of convertible cribs that can match any style preferences you may have. Parents who have already created their nursery may choose a convertible crib which complements the d?cor. Other expectant families may choose to purchase the crib first and create the nursery around the style of the crib.

A convertible crib will provide a welcome place to rest your child’s precious head each night. The versatility and familiarity of a convertible crib will comfort your child for many years to come as they grow.

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