Children’s Activities in Waikiki

There are a myriad of adventures awaiting families who are considering Hawaii homes for sale. Children growing up in Waikiki have over 200 days a year to play in the tropical fresh air and sunshine. The location has numerous fun-filled family activities.

Miles of sandy beaches and warm waters allow families with Hawaii real estate to enjoy swimming, kayaking or snorkeling adventures. Little swimmers as young as 7 are welcome to take surfing lessons. Most beaches have picnic areas and restrooms and some have lawns and camping sites. Hanauma Bay was formed in the crater of an extinct volcano and is a local favorite. The nature preserve park contains hundreds of fish species in addition to sea turtles, rays and eels. Even inexperienced snorklers enjoy observing the marine life in their natural habitat.

The Waikiki Aquarium contains exhibits that range from predatory sharks and groupers to fragile and graceful jellyfish. The squid and octopus displays allow visitors to observe as the creatures change color within the environment. The color changing behavior is thought to be partially for camouflage purposes and partially as a means of communication. Besides numerous fish species, the aquarium is home to a coral reef farm, giant clams and Hawaiian Monk seals.

The Honolulu Zoo houses hundreds of animals found in the African Savannah, and decorates the environment with native tropical plants. Interactive exhibits in the children’s zoo allow youngsters to bathe a pony, milk a cow or stand in a Koi pond in addition to feeding and petting domestic animals. The zoo also has specialized programs for kids where they can act as a junior zookeeper, have breakfast with a keeper or have a family campout during a snooze at the zoo.

Miles of trails and unique destinations are waiting to be explored by families who are purchasing Hawaii real estate. A trek up to the peak of Diamond Head is exhilarating and the view at the top is breath taking. The volcano was used by early the American military to house weaponry. A trek up to the peak includes traveling through tunnels that the military used to hide equipment. Numerous locations showcase the beautiful tropical landscape. One such trail leads through a rainforest, a bamboo forest and ends at the beautiful Manoa Falls.

While exploring Hawaii homes for sale, little princess will enjoy visiting the only palace in the US, Iolani Palace, once home to the Hawaiian Royal family. The furnishings and decor are original and exhibits include the royal family jewels, clothing and cultural history. The site also has the building that once housed the royal guard and resembles a medieval castle. The royal family has various stately homes and gardens in the vicinity that welcome guests daily.

Pearl Harbor includes exhibits allowing families with children to explore the USS Missouri, an authentic battleship, and the USS Bowfin, an authentic naval submarine. These vessels were commissioned from WWII through the Persian Gulf Wars and protected friendly waters.

Children have the opportunity to learn how to made traditional Hawaiian leis or take a hula class. Hawaiian luaus are celebration feasts that have roots dating back to ancient cultures. Luaus traditionally include live entertainment from hula dancing to fire walkers in addition to a vast and varied buffet meal. Depending on the celebration location, there are dolphin shows or interactive craft and cultural activities.

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