Children In The 21st Century

Don’t be Surprised if Today’s Kids See Life as One Big Commercial Break

Most of the parents these days, consider television as the ?babysitter? for their children. However, some parents fail to realize that doing so may affect the way their children will grow up. Most of the television programs these days are family-oriented shows and the rest are soap operas, game shows and the likes.

These are the types of television shows that the children these days are exposed to and watch. Also, most of the shows that are not suitable for children are aired at times when they are either awake or are already home from school. One of the positive developments of local TV programming is the emergence of talk shows that discusses talks about current issues as well as TV-magazine formats. For most parents, educational programs that are intended for children are heaven-sent. These are the types of television programs wherein you can put your children in front of the television and perform other household tasks.

However, there are some ?for kids? television programs that are filled with violence. These are the types of programs wherein you will see the characters harm each other. this includes the popular anime genre that are made by the Japanese. The storylines of these programs are based on the main character’s endless battle against evil. Not only that, there are also programs that portray violent ?drama? plot.

Television is considered as one of the most powerful medium nowadays. Although not quite proven, some believe that advertisers incorporate subliminal messages that target children in order to boost their products. More often, these types of advertisements show convey to the viewers a sophisticated way of living if their products are purchased.

Like It or Not, Kids Grow with Violence

Violence is one of the several things that most parents want television to censor. Like any other parent, you are probably are against violence in television. No parent would want their children what violent movies or television programs. One way of preventing that is by limiting the exposure of the children to the violence that television provides. It is highly recommended that before you let your children watch television; you must first see to it that the program or movie they are watching fits them.

However, you can’t all the time protect your children from movies and television programs that are violent. The best thing you could do is to teach your children all the positive values so that they won’t imitate what they see or hear on the television or movies.

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