Gadgets Gizmos And Toys For Boys Of All Ages

Where did that phrase come from? Boys toys, toys for boys etc. The time was| Time Was when you could bet your last pound that the car with wide wheels, noisy exhaust, flared arches, and an engine screaming ‘change gear NOW NOW NOW! ‘ would be driven by a boy. These days it is as likely to be a young lady (another word where the meaning has changed dramatically).

Boys toys has come to mean anything that makes boys happy that they can buy, swap share look at play with admire show off etc. This can be anything from a gleaming red Ferrari, to something as simple as a jumping bean.

The biggest surge in boys toys is in the unusual gift area, I mean what Do you buy for the boy who has everything? How about a remote control miniature helicopter?

These tiny beasties are incredibly small, incredibly lightweight and are remote control, giving kids of all ages fun. Fly them around your office when the boss isn’t looking, Better still, if YOU are the boss, fly them around when he IS looking.

How about a miniature sweety grabber, all the fun of the fair in a little plastic box. Control the levers, grab the sweeties, and bring them back to the opening where they drop and you eat them. Takes you back to when you were a child.

Another big growth area is USB powered gadgets and gizmos. These little things plug into your USB port of your computer, laptop each other, and are immediately ready to go.

Two of the most popular are the USB boxer, and the USB pole dancer. The USB boxer stands in front of that punch bag and hits it for six, or rather, you hit it for 6.

Once the USB Boxer gets going he’ll punch away as you tap the left and right arrow keys jabbing the speed ball as he rotates around it. Boy does it tire your fingers out quickly! With various game modes and an automatic setting to unleash the USB Boxers full potential you can just sense how highly addictive and immensely competitive this office toy really is. The easy to use software records all your punches and sets your scores, a perfect excuse to gather all your mates together for a full blown on contest to see who really is the toughest of them all!

The other favourite is the pole dancing lady (is there such a thing?) Complete with podium and light show, she will gyrate and make you smile, a real great executive toy. Best of all, she works for free.

So if you are lost for gift ideas for the man (or boy ) in your life, or if you are looking for executive gifts with a difference, think of the new generation of boys toys, gifts, gadgets and gizmos.

A Parenting Tip – The Most Important Thing A Parent Can Do

The most important parenting tip won’t drain your wallet, but it is costly.

It doesn’t require years of parenting education, instead it’s actually quite instinctive.

The most important parenting tip is simple yet profound. You can start using it today and expect almost immediate results.

After over two decades of parenting experience, I can tell you the most important parenting tip I have discovered is simply ‘being there’. ‘Being there’ has become my most fundamental parenting concept.

– Be they’re just babies and need to be cuddled for the hundredth time in a day.

– Be they’re toddlers and need one more book read to them, calmly, so they can settle down in bed.

– Be they’re preschoolers and they fall down the slide on the playground.

– Be they’re in elementary school and their three best friends desert them all at once.

– Be they’re in middle school and damage something they can’t fix on their own.

– Be they’re teenagers and need to talk at 10 pm three nights a week.

– Be they’re college-aged and sometimes just need to hear mom or dad’s voice because nothing’s going as planned.

Just be there.

Be there physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and relationally.

Be there because it works.

A word of caution about this parenting tip. Your kids can tell when you’re ‘being there’ with them or when your attention is wandering. If you need to be doing something else, then tell them and go do it. But when you are with them, be with them. The child that feels he or she is special enough to be important to at least one other human being is the child that grows up well-grounded and secure in a stable environment. (If you would like more parenting tips based on ‘being there’, see the resource box following this article.)

Being there is a costly strategy in a distracted world. Your kids know you and your time is valuable and it speaks volumes to them when they see you putting your own needs aside and giving them your time and self instead.

And, please, I’m not speaking about spoiling your child. Not about giving into their every demand for attention, money or time. Not at all.

I’m speaking of shouldering your responsibilities as a parent. Even when it’s inconvenient. Even when you’re tired. Especially when it means sacrifice.

I’m talking about doing the right thing.

That’s another way to understand the most important parenting tip of all.

Tips For Fun-filled Trick-or-treating For Your Kids

What’s a child’s favorite part of Halloween? Going trick-or-treating, of course. What could be more fun than dressing up, and then walking from door to door collecting plenty of candy along the way? Best of all, this fun tradition takes place at night. Make this the most fun trick-or-treating experience for your child with these simple tips.

Location, Location, Location

Pick a good neighborhood with plenty of people who are prepared for and welcome trick-or-treaters. If you are new in the area, talk to other parents in your neighborhood about where to go trick-or-treating. Usually neighborhoods or subdivisions that decorate a lot are a good choice as well.


You may be tempted to send older children out on their own to Trick-or-Treat, but unless you know everyone on the street they are walking on, and have them go in a group, it’s just not a safe option. Instead, send at least one adult along with them. Having an adult will make sure the trick-or-treating stays a fun experience for your children.

Trick-or-Treat in a Group

Kids have even more fun trick-or-treating if they get to run around in a group. Get a few families in the neighborhood together, or ask the cousins over to go trick-or-treating with you and your kids. Just make sure you bring several adults, especially if the kids are young, to keep up with everyone.

Don’t Overdo It

Start early, right at or even before dusk and don’t overdo the trick-or-treating. How long you end up trick-or-treating will of course depend on the age of your children. Just keep an eye on how they are doing and take them home when they start getting tired. The whole evening will be more memorable if you end it on a good note.

By implementing these tips, you and your kids will have a great time Trick-Or-Treating this year.